Kabaa Old Boys Association


Below are the benefits accruing to contributors:

a) Bereavements:

1. Contributor 25k (to the next of kin)

2. Dependent 25k (wife & children) 

3. Parents (biological only) 20k

4. Parents in-law (biological only) 10k


b) Hospitalizations minimum 2 nights (only once per year per beneficiary):

1. Contributor 10k 

2. Dependent 10k





a) Any KOBA Member is welcome to contribute to the kitty at Ksh300.00 per month.

b) You will not be allowed to join the KOBA Welfare before you pay for KOBA subscription.

c) If you become a member and you fall back in arrears for 3 consecutive months, your membership will have lapsed you cannot claim benefits even if you pay the entire outstanding amount. There is waiting period of 3 months. 

d) Can someone pay welfare before paying annual subscription? Yes provided when you are claiming benefits your KOBA Membership is regularized. KOBA subscription must be paid before the end of the year. 

e) If one doesn’t pay the 300.00 now but becomes bereaved after we operationalize, he cannot pay and then benefit immediately. There is a waiting period of 3 months.

f) Welfare Membership is tied to KOBA membership.



a) There shall be separate bank accounts for KOBA and KOBA Welfare.

b) The cash listed as benefits will be send directly to the contributor. In the case of the passing of the contributor, the benefit will be send to  an already nominated next of kin 

c) How do you proof your parents/parents in law? Registration will be done in advance.

d) What if I am married under customary law or I am a Muslim? Registration will be done in advance (one spouse per member).

e) Parents (registration in advance).

f) Children (registration in advance)

g) In-patient minimum 2 nights (proof of NHIF membership, admission/discharge documents required).

h) Frequency- Inpatient once per year per beneficiary.

i) Demise (proof will be either death notification or burial permit or funeral ceremony program or newspaper obituary)

j) Dependents are one wife and children (nuclear family only).

k) If two brothers are members each will receive their benefits individually.



a) The Welfare Committee to open a WhatsApp Group for official discussions and news about the Welfare account.

b) Welfare Committee to continue refining the rules and regulations on how new members will be joining the welfare.

c) KOBA Welfare Committee and KOBA Management Committee to be two separate entities.

"Let's strengthen KOBA welfare. As Kabaa Alumni fraternity, let's stay together, forge ahead and support one another to remain respected and blessed society.

The school might have deteriorated, but that doesn't mean we have also gone same way. We remain strong waiting for school to follow suit"

Manasses Sumbi
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