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To hold social gatherings and get- together parties. To undertake any activity incidental to the abovementioned activities, provided that such activities are in conformity with the objectives of the Association.

Raising Funds

To hold fundraising activities such as Harambees, raffles, dinner dances etc. To establish a bursary fund for needy Kabaa High School Students. To establish a revolving fund for members

Academics Development

To undertake development activities in Kabaa High School. To provide career counselling to Kabaa High School Students

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Chairman’s Report

I would like to thank all members for support since 2015. Together we have achieved much.

As indicated in the last AGM, I will not serve in the KOBA management after this AGM.

Today we will be electing members of the Management Committee. Let’s do it with sobriety and elect officials who have the discipline and passion to grow KOBA.

This year we already participated in the KOBA Alumni Day and Kabaa Prizing Giving Day. The prizes we donated were the highlight of the event. His Lordship the Bishop of Machakos Catholic Diocese, parents, students and all who attended were very impressed. There’s great improvement in Kabaa High School but a lot remains to be done. The new officials should push the school management to rehabilitate all laboratories and staff quarters.
Extra curriculum facilities have also been neglected and require urgent attention. Supporting bright disciplined students with bursaries remains the key focus for KOBA. KOBA professionals should also volunteer to help the school is different fields.

KOBA challenges remain low enrollment, diversity of opinions, lack of secretariat and historical negative reputations. The new management should find ways to overcome these challenges.

I wish you all the best. ~Eng. Manasses Sumbi (April 15, 2019)

Good afternoon members. I wish to take this chance to thank those who found time to attend yesterday’s AGM and those who sent apologies. We will share the Minutes of the Meeting in due course.
The outcomes of the meeting were:
1. Three trustees were appointed- Eng Mativo Wamunyu; Fred Kioko and Athanas Matheka. We will officially seek their acceptance.
2. The new team will prepare a Strategic Plan within 6 months to guide the operations of KOBA for next 5 years. Major institutional reforms to follow.
3. The new team will sustain the drive to have more members on board and cater for diverse interests of Alumni.

We extend our sincere appreciation to immediate former Chairman Sumbi for his commendable service to KOBA and other former officials who helped set foundation for the association. We stand on their shoulders🙏🏿
~ Wambua Kituku

Thank You. I wish the new Management Committee success as it takes KOBA to new heights. Many thanks for your support in the last 4 years.

~ Manasses Sumbi

Thank you Sumbi. Serving an organization and exiting on your terms is very satisfying. I was an official in two professional groups and honourably retired. The respect from such groups is immense. Twice, I have resisted pressure from fellas telling me to serve again. Thanks and be blessed in your new interests.

~ Dr Gorge Muia May 28, 2019.

Dear colleagues, we hereby attach a list of 14 needy students selected for the award of KOBA Bursaries for the year 2019. The selection process was done through evaluation of information submitted by students and verified with the school administration. Out of the 14 selected this year, two (Daniel Kitonyi & Mutuku Kyalo) benefited last year from this award. The tentative fees balances (as at May 2019) is Ksh 279,051.00. We have requested the school to project the full balances as at the end of 2019 to enable us meet the same. We kindly request those who have pledged to KOBA projects to honour the same as we now have payments to make to the school. I also invite those who wish to pay school fees directly for the selected students to inform the KOBA Committee accordingly. A mentorship programme for the selected students is being designed and will be launched soon. Asanteni.

~ Wambua Kituku on May 18, 2019.

This is to thank Dr Stephen Kimatu ’93 for committing to pay 100% school fees for Peter Katisya -Form 2- till he completes school. This is subject to good performance and discipline record. Most importantly, he has offered to mentor the young man should he choose to pursue a career in human health sciences. Join the Committee in thanking Dr Kimatu.

~ Wambua Kituku.

Chairman this is commendable from Dr Kiamtu, especially the mentorship bit. I can attest that it works. My experience with Lele whom I started with when he was in Form 2. Now he’s in Form 4. We are already discussing his career options. Long live KOBA.

~ Athanas Matheka

There was a heated debate on the WhatsApp Funpage regarding concerns over the selection of the new Board of Management of KHS. The KOBA Executive Committee will meet next week and chart a way forward. In the meantime, we urge you to continue strengthening the Alumni Association by paying your subscription and honouring your pledges. We are strong stakeholders of the school because you make us strong!

~ Wambua Kituku on June 28, 2019.

-We started the pace by attending to the matter alumni raised last time about the Dining Hall tables. We replaced the old tables.
-We are restructuring the Academic SP
-Due to high intake capacity, we have started building a new block of tuition area near bus park.
-We have addressed sanitation issue and we are on the process of drilling a borehole for the school.
Debt management-Creditors have reduced and we are aiming to take it to NIL by end of year 2020.
-Infrastructure wise, we are doing re-carpeting from main gate to father’s castle.
-Most importantly the boy’s discipline has greatly improved to an extend that we did not have any extreme case this year.
Syllabus coverage done in all classes including our candidature class (finished in May 2019)
Science laboratories are well prepared for the practicals. 
-The KCSE candidates are ready for the examinations.

KOBA Bursaries
-We really have bright and needy students in our school. So far, we have sponsored 14 students out of our possible target. Boys appreciated the Alumni support and pledged that they will perform better compared to last year’s class.
-The boys asked we visit them for a mentorship programme early next year.

~ Silvester Nzomo, Member of School BOM

Gentlemen, please take note the following elective positions during KOBA Annual General Meeting. 
The following are the elective positions: 
1. Chairman
2. Vice Chairman
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Organizing Secretary 
6. Class or Year representatives

Term of office is maximum 2 years.

All members are encouraged to read the constitution, raise any matters and prepare for the AGM.

~ Manasses Sumbi April 14, 2019.

Dear comrades,
I offered myself as a candidate for KOBA Chairmanship. My 5- point agenda is:
1. Make KOBA a strong mass movement beyond WhatsApp groups
2. Strengthen links with school stakeholders
3. Build the endowment fund to Ksh 5m+ in 10 years and ensure school bursaries are largely paid out of interest payments
4. Institutionalize members’ welfare
5. Promote alumni’s contribution to educational policy-making at county and national levels

All the above to be pursued within a 5-year Strategic Plan to be developed by the incoming Committee.
See you tomorrow at the AGM🙏🏿

~ Wambua Kituku (April 14, 2019)

Good evening gentlemen.

The KOBA Management Committee held a meeting and the following was agreed and resolved.

1. That the venue for AGM will be Sagret Hotel Milimani starting with lunch at 1.00 pm on 27th April 2019.

2. That a proposal be made to amend the KOBA Constitution to widen the Management Committee by introducing the positions of Organizing Secretary and Vice Secretary.

3. That a proposal be made to amend the Annual Subscriptions from Ksh 1,000.00 to Ksh 2,000.00 per year effective January 2020.

4. That a proposal be made to nominate three members to the positions of Trustees namely Fred Kioko, Wamùnyù Mativo and Athanus Matheka.

As indicated last year, I will not be available to serve in the KOBA management after this coming AGM.

We request all paid up members to attend AGM in large numbers to bond and elect the new officials.

1. Chairman
2. Vice Chairman
3. Treasurer
4. Organizing Secretary
5. Secretary
6. Vice Secretary
7. Class Representatives

Lunch will be served at exactly 1.00 pm and AGM will start at 2.00 pm without delay to save on time.
See you tomorrow.

Eng. Manasses Sumbi
Chairman (April 26, 2019)

Greetings from the young boys currently in Kabaa High School and all staff.
Discipline for the boys has really improved.
form fours will start their exams early next month. They are burning the midnight oil. They are determined and committed towards achieving the target. We got a Agriculture/Biology vacancy filled yesterday and the teacher is to report in January 2020 after long holiday for the boys. The school will be carrying some renovations during the December 2019 holidays.

~ Silvester Nzomo, Member of the BoM & Alumni.

Dear Comrades,

We held a Management Committee (MC) of KOBA meeting (22/04/2021)  and would like to inform you of the key decisions that were made:

  1. Library Centenary Project– The MC developed a criteria for establishing a project steering committee (PSC) as follows: MC-1; Trustee-1; School BoM-1; Construction industry professions (Architect, Engineer, Contractor, QS, etc)-1; Financial management- 1; Fundraising or Marketing -1. We are asking members belonging to these categories to express interest to the secretary directly (@ben kiambi) before 30 April 2021. The MC will select the committee members, taking into account the level of commitment and the need for diversity and inclusion. The committee will establish the scope, cost, accountability and fundraising strategies for the project. The Committee shall develop its procedure and coopt members where necessary.
  2. Welfare Kitty: find attached the Bylaws for the Welfare Kitty for your reading and internalizing. The Hon Secretary will reach out to you for the selection of the Welfare Committee to operationalize the Kitty. The Treasurer will oversee the opening of a separate account for the Kitty
  3. Establishment of the Governing Council: The Organizing Secretary will reach out to members over selection of respective class representatives who will form the Governing Council and provide forum for deliberating on key policy issues, promote diversity and ensure mobilization of participation of alumni in the running of the association. A separate WhatsApp group of the Governing Council shall be set up. As we prepare for the AGM slated for August 2021, we shall use the clause on coopting members to ensure diversity within the MC.

  4. KOBA Endowment Fund- the MC will lay down the guidelines for selection of beneficiaries of scholarships and bursaries for the incoming Form 1 students and communicate to you in due course

  5. Publishing Strategic Plan- after failing to get an expression of interest for a graphic designer from among the Alumni, the MC will identify and engage one. The final product shall be disseminated widely.


Dear Members,
As you are aware, KOBA’s MC meeting held on 22.04.2021 resolved to form a Governing Council as stipulated in the Association’s Constitution.
This is therefore to request members from each class to select one representative to the Governing Council. The Representatives will form the Council, which will provide a forum for deliberation of key policy issues, promotion of diversity and ensure mobilization /full participation of the alumni in running of the Association.
Attached herein is a list of registered members for the year 2021- per Class.
Anybody in the class can initiate coordination of the nomination.
However, where we have two people in a class, the one with no other role like member – of the MC, Welfare Committee or a Trustee etc becomes the Class Rep. to the GC
Stephen Mutua
For: Management Committee-KOBA.

List of eligible members for nomination of Class Representatives to KOBA Governing Council.

Management Committee

Projects Achieved
Years in Existence
No of Partnerships
No of Alumni

What our Old Boys say

Kabaa High school was an all boys Catholic boarding high School. We on this picture were focused on academics and drama. I watched my friends going to church every Sunday for four years. Although I am a Muslim I learned a great deal about the Catholic faith. I remember our Deputy Head Teacher Mr. Jude Ndambuki was a very firm Catholic. As well as a very Good Chemistry teacher. Well I cherished those moments and are still vivid in my memory. But slowly, they are fading away with time and aging. That's life ...

Abdi Rajab
Kabaa Old Boy

Greetings Comrades. To the new members, thank you for expressing interest in joining Kabaa Old Boys Association (KOBA) Membership is Ksh 1000.00 per year Ordinary Member and Ksh 500.00 for Students.

Lipa na Mpesa to KCB via: Paybill 522522

Account no. 1199873373

KOBA Alumni

Mr Mwoloi, we really appreciate God to have your caliber in our midst. Please, once in a while be oozing some wisdom here of them days to the likes of your sons & grandchildren like me aboard this platform.
Am really humbled to have you around.
Having joined Kabaa way back in 1966 is not a joking matter.
History tells me we were 3 yrs old as a Kenyan Republic.
You're a legend mzee wetu.
Once again Mr Mwoloi class of 1969 karibu sana huku.

By Jonathan Makau

2019 might have been tough, painful, disappointing, frustrating and all manner of such stuff. But take heart and say like Paul the apostle "But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God" Acts 20:24

Happy new year 2020.

Sylvester Nzomo
Vice Chairman

This is quite commendable. Congrats to the early pace-setters. Fred Kioko, Harrison Nzioki and John Kiambi. Let's follow suit. I urge those members who pledged in 2019 to honour their pledges. The strategic plan of KOBA will be out soon. School performance has improved. Centenary celebrations are 4 years away. Let's sustain the momentum in 2020 and let this be the most memorable decade of Kabaa! A strong KOBA team is in place to guide and provide assurance.

Wambua Kituku
KOBA Chairman

Kabaa alumnus is a serious person in life. He is committed in everything he decides to undertake.

~Ben 5th June 2021

Ben Kiambi

My inspirations come from:

  • The financial, intellectual and time contributions by members of this forum
  • The commitment from the KOBA Managment Team
  • The evident results and progress of the hard work of the students of Kaba High School
Fred Kioko
KOBA Trustee

The KCSE improvement in Kabaa was actually huge taking to account that we moved from a mean score of 5.89 to 6.67.

In 2018 we took 48 students to University and 2017 we had taken 37. Now 2019 we took 89 students.
We need to be careful when commenting not to demoralize the stakeholders like the School Principal and the teachers.

One of the biggest challenges is the quality of students admitted in Form 1.

If Kabaa can admit KCPE 300 marks and above, this will he reflected in the KCSE.

The KOBA office should also take the lead in collecting and passing the right information from school to members to avoid speculation and false information.

Manasses Sumbi
Former KOBA Chairman

Happy New Year, Comrades!!
My KOBA pledge for 2020 is 120k (10k per month).
So help us God!

After many years of celebrating and thanking @Fred Kioko⁩, I have now challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone by matching his 2019 support to KOBA.
It is not easy but it’s doable and I will give it my best shot.
Thank you Fred Kioko for inspiring many of us!!! ~

John Kiambi
KOBA Member

Good start.

Forward ever backwards never.

We need to double our effort. Special thanks to all who contributed in cash and kind to enable these students we sponsored as KOBA achieve such good KCSE 2019 results.

It is such people, who have experienced true love first hand from mankind during their hour of need who move to change the world for the better.

Stephen Mutua
KOBA Organizing Secretary

The KCSE 2019 results proves that direct school fees payment would be the most effective contribution Alumni can make to the school. Funds will be realised and boys will remain in class.

From my experience, mentorship is also important. As I mentioned, we are already discussing the next steps with Shadrack Lele including temporary employment with any employer and scholarship.

Athanas Matheka
KOBA Member & Former Chair BOM

Thank you Sir Athanas Matheka for the good work you have done towards Shadrack Lele's school fees payment. Happy to hear of your plans for him. May the Lord bless you.
We are optimistic that his colleagues will also record good performance.. This is a true Kabaa school spirit.
Am encouraged to game up my support come next year towards KOBA welfare kitty and KOBA activities. ~ Silvester Nzomo

Thank you Sir Athanas Matheka